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Blog Wilde Daily dose of vintage

TenMag editorial.


Editorial TenMag Junio Life in Plastic
Stylist Anna Hc.
Wilde Sunglasses Sb28
Cazal Vintage

Dj Los_Suruba & Ws.


Dj Los_Suruba se preparan para el comienzo de la temporada de verano, Musica & Sol

Nuevo modelo 1952 & Red Eagle por Wilde Sunglasses Handmade Barcelona.


Dj Miguel Puente, Los Angeles.


Dj Miguel Puente en The standard, downtown LA

Modelo 168 effect wood, special edition.


Hero Collection.



Collaboration Wilde Sunglasses & Lisandro Olmos by  Hero Collection London.

Collaboration Shooting by Marta Bastegui & Stylist Rou C


Shooting by Marta Bastegui & Stylist Rou C
Wilde Vintage Collection, model round metal double bridge.


"ALMANAC OF STYLE'' to Scott Hayashida



This time,we did a colaboration with Mr. .Scott Hayashida, our friend and handmade shirt maker,he wrote a great article about us and posted it on his friend's website called ''ALMANAC OF STYLE''.Big thanks to Scott.



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